Optimization, model fitting, and model comparison

I have been giving seminars, tutorials, and workshops on optimization (including BADS), model fitting, and model comparison at summer schools and for research groups at various institutions, for a duration that ranges from 20 minutes to 4 hours.

As a representative example, you can find code and slides for a tutorial that I recently gave at the Bristol Neuroscience group on this Github repo.

I also like to play around with visualizations for demonstration purposes. This is a demo I built of several optimizers at work (link).

If you would like to invite me to give a seminar or tutorial about these topics, in person or in telepresence, please get in touch at luigi.acerbi@gmail.com.

Places where I have been giving tutorials/workshops on model fitting:

  1. Joint Ma-Niv-Pillow lab meeting (Princeton, NJ, Sep 2015).
  2. IISDM decision making joint lab meeting (New York, NY, May 2016).
  3. Alex Pouget’s lab (Geneva, Switzerland, Sep 2016).
  4. Konrad Kording’s lab (Chicago, IL, Jun 2017).
  5. Andreas Tolias’s lab (Houston, TX – in telepresence, Jul 2017).
  6. CoSMo summer school 2017 (Minneapolis, MN, Aug 2017). Code: https://github.com/lacerbi/cosmo-2017-tutorial
  7. NYU Training Program in Computational Neuroscience (New York, NY, Sep 2017).
  8. CoSMo summer school 2018 (Minneapolis, MN, Aug 2018). Code: https://github.com/lacerbi/cosmo-2018-tutorial
  9. Bristol Neuroscience Group (Bristol, UK, May 2019). Code: https://github.com/lacerbi/workshop-bristol-2019
  10. International Brain Laboratory code camp at Columbia University (New York, NY, Sep 2019).
  11. Center for Neural Science, New York University (New York, NY, Sep 2019). Code: https://github.com/lacerbi/workshop-nyu-2019