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Preprints and manuscripts in preparation

  1. Acerbi*, L., Dokka*, K., Angelaki, D. E. & Ma, W. J. (2017) Bayesian comparison of explicit and implicit causal inference strategies in multisensory heading perception. In preparation. (*equal contribution)
  2. Acerbi, L. & Ma, W. J. (2017). Practical Bayesian Optimization for Model Fitting with Bayesian Adaptive Direct Search. arXiv preprint, arXiv 1705.04405 (link).

Journal articles and peer-reviewed proceedings

  1. Acerbi, L., Vijayakumar, S. & Wolpert, D. M. (2017). Target Uncertainty Mediates Sensorimotor Error Correction, PLoS ONE 12(1): e0170466(link, article, article+supp, data)
  2. Acerbi, L., Ma, W. J. & Vijayakumar, S. (2014). A Framework for Testing Identifiability of Bayesian Models of Perception, Proc. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS ’14), Montreal, Canada(articlesupp)
  3. Acerbi, L., Vijayakumar, S. & Wolpert, D. M. (2014). On the Origins of Suboptimality in Human Probabilistic Inference, PLoS Computational Biology 10(6): e1003661. (linkarticlearticle+supp, data)
  4. Acerbi L., Wolpert D.M. & Vijayakumar S. (2012). Internal Representations of Temporal Statistics and Feedback Calibrate Motor-Sensory Interval Timing, PLoS Computational Biology 8(11): e1002771. (link, article, article+supp, data)
  5. Acerbi L., Dennunzio A. & Formenti E. (2013). Surjective multidimensional cellular automata are non-wandering: A combinatorial proof, Information Processing Letters 113(5-6): 156-159. (link)
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  1. Acerbi, L. (2015) Complex internal representations in sensorimotor decision making: a Bayesian investigation. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Edinburgh. Advisors: Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar, Prof. Daniel M. Wolpert. (link, thesis)